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UFR: Understanding Financial Report

Understanding Financial Report (UFR) is a module specifically designed to equip the organization members with the knowledge concerning the basic principles, concepts, and application of financial statements. This know-how approach will help the participants to comprehend the challenging concept and financial terms in more easy ways that enable them to function effectively and efficiently upon completing the program. Further to that, it will provide each participant with the much-desired competencies, which later enable them to smoothen the assignments and tasks towards achieving the organizations’ goals and objectives.

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

1. Recognize the goals in financial management
2. Interpret financial information accurately for business decision-making
3. Recognize the application of basic accounting terms
4. Recognize the application and characteristics of profit and loss statement, and the balance sheet
5 Understand cash flow statement and working capital management
6. Describe the elements necessary to prepare a basic budget
7.  Identify specific tools and ratios for analyzing and benchmarking the financial information
8. Acquire knowledge to interpret financial statements accurately
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