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TLP: Transformational Leadership Program

Transformational Leadership Program focuses on four fundamental approaches to effectively maneuver the organization. The modules provide a holistic approach to achieve desire solutions to daily operational and policy hiccups face by the management personnel in executing the tasks. Through TLP four modules namely; leadership principle, managing expectations, facilitation of talent, and business wisdom, we will assist the organization to implement successful leadership management initiatives that identify, nurture, and develop the desired traits and outcome.

At the end of this program, the leaders will be able to

1. Acquire the positive mindset to face the challenges in working environment
2. Be inspired and influential leaders to their subordinates
3. Understand and align with superiors’ expectations
4. Enhance relationship between Head of divisions and departments
5. Attain an elevated confident to manage tasks effectively
6. Motivate and inspire others to deliver better results
7. Enhance decision-making skills and techniques
8. Take risks, more creative and innovative in transforming the people and the processes around them
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