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STAR: Stay Relevant

STAR, short for Stay Relevant is an approach focuses on the needs of the organization to stay relevant while at the same time navigate its employees to work together in facing the competitive business environment. The primary outcome of the program is to equip the workforce with the right team mindset and attitude to explore continuous improvement in supporting the strategic, business and operational requirements of the organization. Once this is achieved, it will enhance the organization’s competitiveness and relevancy in the market.
At the end of this program, the participants would be able to
1. Assimilate the concept of ‘Work as Ibadah’ in daily operations and business practices
2. Aware on the impacts and challenges of globalization towards business and its direct effects at the company, personal and family level.
3. Internalize and support the organizational strategic direction and requirement
4. Improve personal skills and knowledge to meet individuals and departments KPI’s
5. Contribute directly towards process excellence
6. Enhance teamwork and dynamics for higher productivity and efficiency
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