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SDP: Supervisory Development Program

For personnel at supervisory level, the Supervisory Development Program is the right module to be engaged with. The main objective for SDP is to equip participants with the suitable training tools that will assist in revolutionizing the mindset, attitude, and normal practices. SDP focus primarily on young technicians and supervisors on the basic roles and responsibility as well as developing the team management skills, which aims at producing a quick, uniform result to match with the department’s critical and competitive goals. Further to this, the module is also served as a mechanism to prepare these young supervisors a succession plan on the critical tools and techniques needed when they reach that level.

At the end of this program, the participants would be able to

1. Understand the fundamentals and principles of supervisory and leadership traits  
2. Acquire strong understanding on the management functions of a supervisor
3. Enhance interpersonal and communication skills with different people at different levels in the organization
4. Motivate self and others for future development
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