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Transformation Program

The Transformation Program is the epitome of LH Consultant and through this program we provide means for the organization to measure and improve the efficiency and quality of its services. The Transformation Program pioneers in set forth three major changes – Navigating Change, Internalizing Change, and Institutionalizing Change. These changes serve as a yardstick against which the employee could undergo the performance of the organization in a full embodiment and most importantly become a part of it. As an agent of change, the employee would be motivated to perform well and further promoting the perception of loyalty with the intention of aiding in the increase of overall performance and professionalism. This in return will result in the desired performance, desired culture, and desired mindset.

Strategic Human Capital

In the Strategic Human Capital module, we offer a comprehensive outlook for our client in managing its most valuable asset, the employees. The six incessant cycles revolve around constructing human capital suite whereby the competency model, succession planning, talent management, learning management, performance management, and human capital master plan intertwine harmoniously to create a symbiosis effect. We assure that LH Consulting Human Capital Suite will bring the sweeping changes and the new milieu in the organization’s business practices. These transformation will enhance the talent and leadership of the employees towards providing a world class services and business driven entity for the company for its global growth.

Performance Consulting

At LH, the Performance Consulting module is designed specifically so that our client could work with us to accomplish the strategic outcome of optimizing workplace performance in support of business goals. Through continuous feedback and coaching, we stresses upon the importance of solutions and its practicality to meet the unique culture of your organization, the diversity in providing needs of the employees, as well as prioritizing the strategic direction of our clients. The attainment of such results are perfectly embedded in the three cycles attributes, namely the New Strategic Direction, Enhancing Ability, and Sustaining Performance. It is in these cycles that the process of the organization, its people, and its financial matters are taken into our utmost deliberation.

Service Quality Enhancement

At LH, we firmly believed that there are no ‘silver bullets’ in the Service Quality Improvement. Instead, it calls for a rigorous details and undivided passion to ensure consistency and quality at all levels in the organization. Our module strives for achieving three fundamental features; Excellent Service Culture, Higher CSI, and Satisfied Customer through the Service Quality Enhancement program. To reach the said accomplishment, LH Consulting Service Quality Enhancement focuses on four traits engulfing the services activities; the mindset, the practices, the culture, and the techniques whereby these four services traits rotate endlessly for the betterment of the organization.

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