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MD’s Message

Welcome to LH’s website

The impact of globalization has reached our shore. More than ever before organizations need to be aware of its implication made worse by the ever challenging business climate. It is in this complex and demanding business situation that organizations must turn to and hold on to its strength – deep rooted cultural values and redefinition of its mission – as a mean to remain integrated and focused.

These two ingredients are what made an organization thick despite the turbulence that it may face from all corners of competition. Looking deeper into what LHGOC has to offer, one may find that our service delicately balance the modern and sophisticated management approach with the theoretical, operational people-process methodology. Using S.C.O.R.E. (Strategy-Construct – Organize-Review-Establish) as our intervention model, we will examine closely four vital areas – i.e. corporate, culture, human capital and process – which have been proven to have far reaching impact on an organization’s competitiveness and viability. The inputs for our interventions come from the lab that we conduct with the key employees themselves who are actually the parties in a position to shape the fate of the organization. By virtue of their direct involvement in the process of intervention, the positive results usually come in the form of:

CHANGING APPEARANCE - improved services in the eyes of customers
CHANGING SHAPE/FORMS - reviewed business position, optimizing resources
CHANGING SUBSTANCE - transformed business model with overhauled organization structure, rehabilitated culture, newly imparted skills, revamped process and enhanced technology.

At LH, we will assure that your organization will get nothing but the best from us. We are made of consultants who possess underlying passion in this niche segment. That’s the reason why we have been so endowed with distinctions in every facet of our consulting engagements exemplified through accolades and testimonies received from our ardent clients and loyal customers.

Come talk to us for appointment. God willing, we will not disappoint you.

Managing Director
LH Consulting Group of Companies



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