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LEAP: Leadership Advancement Program

LEAP is designed specifically to mold the employees of any organization to contribute significantly in their respective areas of responsibility. This means that the employees will receive a substantive knowledge concerning leadership approach and inculcate positive changes to the division they report to. The LEAP module encompasses of the right strategic, leadership, and management skills, which in return benefit the organization greatly as it can be employed for other employees across the company.

At the end of this program the participants will be able to

1. Attain the mindset of a positive leaders in facing the challenges at the workplace
2. Be aware and sensitive with the needs to change the existing practices and skills
3. Motivate and facilitate others in generating effective and better results in their tasks
4. Motivate and influence team members to act as a cohesive team.
5. Enhance understanding and minimise confusion by applying effective communication tools
6. Lead the team in making uniform and strategic decisions
7. Inspire and lead the creative and innovative problem solving session
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