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LEAD: Leadership Excellence through Aptitude Development

With LEAD, the organization will be equipped with the right skills to improve its management teams through aptitude development. The module serves as guiding principle in providing the much-needed training to change current leaders’ mindset and their attitude. Once this exercise has been successfully conducted, the organization will reap its benefit from the leaders when they are able to enhance the competitiveness edge in confronting the tough and challenges that the business world has got to offer. Moreover, the employees too will be transformed as the process advocating such operation is merged in the pipeline to suit its strategic direction.

At the end of this program, the leaders would be able to translate the corporate leadership imperatives to
1. Acquire the positive mindset to face the challenges in working environment
2. Be aware and sensitive with the needs to change current attitude and practices
3. Be motivated in generating an effective and best performance
4. Be motivated as well as inspire others in delivering better result
5. Take calculated risks in making decision
6. Energise others through effective managerial skills
7. Transform self, people and the processes in performing any tasks
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