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KRA/KPI: Awareness and Execution of KRA/KPI

For any organization to remain competitive and successful, Key Result Area (KRA) and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is to tools of the trade. Without it, the organization will face tremendous difficulties in measuring its performance as well as the employees’ contribution. As such, awareness and execution of the said KRA and KPI are of essential. Realising such impending needs, we develop a module to ease out the organization in providing awareness and further assist in executing the KRA and KPI with the Human Capital Division anchoring such endeavour.

The objectives of the programs are:
1. To have a clear understanding of the KRA and KPI framework in relation to the performance management.
2. To walk through each element of the KRA/KPI framework and understand how the element relates with one another.
3. To align KRAs with the job function with the organizational mission and vision.
4. To design an effective and practical key performance indicators
5. To understand the KPI tracking process in relation to achievement of each result.
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