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COE: Communication for Operational Excellence

Communication is essential tool in ensuring organizational success. It is the voice for the management to address any issues pertaining tasks or assignments to its stakeholders. It is in this credo that we formulate the Communication for Operational Excellence to instill the importance of organizational communication to the employees of the company. The module encapsulate the much required program to equip the organization with appropriate communication mechanisms and tools, which will ease the daily operations involving human interaction; with or without computer mediated communication. The end terminal will guarantee the enhancement of the organization’s competitiveness and relevancy in the market.

At the end of this program, the participants would be able to
1. Ease the operations of the organization through effective communication
2. Enhance the positive mindset and communicate assertively with the stakeholder
3. Develop self-professionalism by enhancing their Emotional Quotient (EQ)
4. Utilize the communication tools to minimize human mistakes
5. Convince others with trouble-free and inspiring communication tools
6. Enhance team synergy in achieving organizational goals
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