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BPS: Business Presentation Skill

As with excellent communication and oratory skills, Business Presentation Skill (BPS) is the complementary set of aptitude any members of the organization must acquire. As such, the BPS program aims to equip the executives with the right mindset and techniques towards effective business presentation. The module is molded in a step-by-step application enable the participants comprehend the learning curves more efficiently thus making them a confident personnel worth representing the organization for any business deals and negotiations.

At the end of this program, the executives will be able to

1. Build confidence in presenting projects or ideas
2. Convince others effectively in fulfilling the needs of the business
3. Enhance fundamental framework in making effective presentation
4. Acquire professional and academic techniques to draw attention of others during the presentation
5. Strategize and scope the presentation effectively in accordance to the respective audience
6. Fulfill and satisfy the audience with convincing and moving forward agenda
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