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AIMS: achieving the innovative mindset & strategies

AIMS induces the employees to skillfully engage with the organization through endless commitment for mutual benefit of achieving success. This module aims at shaping the innovative mindset of its members and formulating winnable strategies to spearhead the organization towards success. To achieve this, our program aims to equip the organization with the right mechanism and process to meet the increasingly tight, challenging, impossible targets and deadlines in a creative and innovative manner. At the end of the program, it will enhance the organization’s competitiveness and relevancy in the market.
At the end of this program, the participants would be able to
1. Internalize and effectively exercise the desired behavior in line with organization’s shared value of creativity, innovation and continuous improvement.
2. Understand the needs to be innovative and creative for problem solving.
3. Become an innovative team player to support the organization’s business needs.
4. Utilize the available tools on how to think out of the box.
5. Possess the ability to generate and propose creative and innovative ideas.
  6. Skilful in the systematic thinking whilst able to execute the innovative ideas effectively.
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