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Established in 2008, Lighthouse Consulting Group of Companies (LHGOC) has begun to establish itself as a player to be reckoned with in the world of consulting. Many companies large and small, private-owned or government-linked, manufacturing-based or corporate in nature, hi-tech inclined or heavy in human capital, local or international, have been served well by our consultants. One of the main success factors that has made this possible is in the manner how LHGOC was able to diagnose the organizations’ key issues and concerns accurately and practically with involvement of top management and the operation staff.

Adopting the right methodology and suitable techniques and tools many of the problems and concerns were resolved in the presence of the key staff themselves. Due to the nature of the staff involvement and intense engagement, many of the long-standing issues and concerns that have been plaguing the organization were able to be resolved in relatively a short period of time for good. And towards the end, the respective staff in-charge have become more capable in handling his performance areas.

Apart from the above, LHGOC’s success was attributed to the diverse background of its consultants who come from multitude of industries: oil and gas, telecommunications, electrical-electronic and IT manufacturing, as well as specialized field of human capital. Between them, they hold more than 100 years of industry’s know how and exemplary practices. As individuals, the consultants are matured, highly competent and have all the ingredients that make them a respected mentor or sifu. Through their unique engagement style, they are able to wield a high sense of ownership and great sense of belonging to their subjects while undertaking the specific intervention.

Today, we are proud to say that LHGOC has received many accolades and testimonies from its clientele which will further validate its good name. A check on any of these clienteles would reveal that many had indeed experienced a significant improvement in their performance – whether it is at the corporate level or individual alike. Whatever it may be, one thing for sure, so far all our customers have all but feeling very satisfied with our service.

Navigate organizations to achieve their strategic direction
Mould the right mindset to adapt change.
Imbue the right knowledge, skills and attitude in developing leaders.

Enhance productivity and process improvement via Lean Management principles and components

Facilitate organization to comply with quality & management standards

Endow the organization with selective mechanism and infrastructure to realize the development of innovative workforce and culture therein

Develop and maintain the competitive advantage in human capital management and organization
Enhance people performance towards globalization
Talent Management engagement in the evolution of HR function

Identify the current state of team working and culture in the organization
Provide effective team development plans in line with the organization’s shared values
Develop current team’s performance and culture towards the desired department and organization’s goals

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